Friday, September 18, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

Ok so just to throw this out there so I wont forget it. Kaylee brings home a agenda book everyday from school. We have to sign it and read teacher comments and what not. So one day I told her to give me her backpack so I could see whats inside and she says " Mom its only my VAGENDA in there" LOL Ok so that just cracks me up and I want to remember it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here's a pic of Kaylee waiting in the pouring down rain for the bus.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ok so here I sit...I was encouraged to start this blog and all the sudden I have nothing to odd is that? Well we all know I am a bit of a rambler so I am sure the rambling will start at any second.

Ok so reasons for blogging
1. my baby started school this week
2. to hold myself accountable for things
3. to make all that read this blog happier people =)
4. to amuse myself
5. to clear my head
6. to keep boredom somewhat at bay

yeah I could keep on and on with the list, but you have to stop somewhere right? I am really good at talking to myself so this blog thing should be a breeze. I mean who else can you talk to where you know everything about that person and no one is there to look down at you and raise an eyebrow to your ridiculously sick, sometimes off point sense of humor? hehe See what I mean? Damn I am good at blogging..I am a blogging queen..yeah Im bored at work so shoot me!!

I havent really decided what I will and will not include in this blog as of yet, but I am working on that. I guess the title says it all...just random ramblings of me and my life with my daughter. Who by the way is the most amazing beautiful girl in the world!!! What can I say, she takes after her mother!! =)

Anywho...she started pre-school this week and it has taken its toll on my emotions and nerves. I was so ready to ship her off and see that bus pull up and take her away, but when it happened I was lost. I have never missed someone so much in my body literally ached for my little baby. (who is 4 now and not a baby) She is my everything...I didnt realize how consumed my life has been with her in it. She makes my heart sing!! Love that unconditional is the most amazing thing. (do I say amazing a lot? hmmm) So anyway I go to work after getting her on the bus and my busy day at work goes sooooooo slow..I find myself counting the minutes and seconds and wondering what she is was her bus ride? did she cry? did she eat breakfast? are the kids being nice to her? The questions haunted me all day!! So it comes time for school to get out...I wait out by the bus stop with all other moms and we wait...and wait...and wait....WTF??? School was out at 3:50 and its not almost 5...where the hell is my child?? Just then the bus pulls up and off jumps the happiest most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on....My baby was happy and healthy..she made it through her first day of school. I picked her up kissed her over and over and she asked "mom do I get to go back tomorrow?" so I told her yes and see looked into my eyes and said "I missed you so much today, did you miss me?" Oh how I missed her...I just hugged her and loved her and inside we went to talk about her day. I love that girl so much!!
WOW Ok so I rambled a little....I will stop for now, simply because I do have to get back to work. More tonight if I have the energy.