Monday, January 18, 2010

I hit a big milestone for me today....I am having a love affair with my scales and today I kissed them!!!!
God I cant believe I am going to throw this out there for everyone to see, but here goes. Today I weighed in at 249.2 I am finally closer to 200 than I am 300...the first time in forever!!! My goal for right now isnt weight its a size 16 by my birthday in May...I am very very confident that I will do that and maybe better as long as I stick to my plan and stay focused!!

Wow I am really going to post my weight..if that doesnt make it real I dont know what will...LOL

Getting the Wii and Wii fit plus as soon as tax money comes back so I can start some fun workouts. I hear great things about them so I cant wait. Also getting the treadmill fixed too...I actually miss that damn thing...something must be wrong with me head...LOL

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